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Lipofirm Aftercare

After the treatment it is common for the area to feel warm. It is also common to experience some redness, swelling and tenderness in the treated area.

These symptoms may appear immediately or a few days post treatment.

It is important for your safety and for a successful treatment that you follow the below recommendations.

First 48 Hours Post Treatment

Do not pick or scratch or touch the treated area.

Avoid all heat treatments such as steam, hot baths/ shower, sauna, excessive exercise and swimming.

A cold compress can be applied to the area to remove any heat remaining in the skin.

If the area remains sensitive after 48hours please continue the above advice until the treated area returns to normal. If concerned please contact the salon.

Avoid use of AHA, BHA, Retin A/ Retinol for a minimum of 7 days or until skin normalises.

To 30 Days After Treatment

Avoid exposure to UV sunlight this includes sunbeds

You should continue to use a high SPF on the skin when outside SPF 50 is recommended. Excessive exposure may result in skin colour changes (hypo/ hyper pigmentation).

Always contact the salon with any concerns or questions.