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Manicure, Pedicure or Gel Aftercare

Gel Treatment

Wear protective gloves when washing up, gardening and housework.

Use cuticle oil regularly, especially at night and use a good hand cream.

Don’t pick or bite around the cuticles, this will cause lifting and damage your nails. If lifting occurs, do not pick the gel. Instead, return for maintenance and repair. Please note there is an appointment charge for nail repairs.
Use cuticle oil regularly – rub it all around your cuticle and onto the nail itself. Use at least twice daily (on your toes as well as fingers), this keeps your nails supple but strong and nourishes them.

Avoid hand creams containing lanolin as these may cause the product to lift as will extensive use of alcohol cleansing gels.

Always have the product removed professionally to avoid any natural nail damage. Peeling or picking Gel from your nails will remove a couple of layers of nail with it too.

Always wash your hands, nails and cuticles carefully after applying sun cream and self-tanning lotions. Some makes of sun cream contain ingredients, which if left, will impair your Gel colour 

Manicure and Pedicure

Leave adequate time after your treatment to allow your nails to dry before leaving.

For pedicures wear open toe shoes.

To prolong the life of your varnish, wear protective gloves when washing up, gardening and housework.