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Profhilo Aftercare

Profhilo treatment is made from the molecule, which is hyaluronic acid. H.A. naturally occurs in skin and is a top ingredient in hydrating skin-care products, since it plumps skin by capturing and holding onto hyaluronic acid is not only the best option, since it will dissolve on its own and is well-tolerated, since it’s already in your body.
These symptoms may appear immediately or a few days post treatment. This may continue for a prolonged period as explained during consultation.

It is important for your safety and for a successful treatment that you follow the below recommendations as well as everything discussed in treatment and consultation.

​In the first two days after your treatment:

After the treatment it is common for the area to warm. It is also common to experience some
redness, swelling and tenderness in the treated area.

•Do not pick or scratch or touch the treated area.
•Avoid all creams, soaps, perfumed products or lotions on the treated area only use the given or recommended product by your therapist.
•Avoid all heat treatments such as steam, hot baths/ shower, sauna, excessive exercise and swimming.
•Avoid use of AHA, BHA, Retin A/ Retinol for a minimum of 7 days or until skin normalises
• Do not rub or massage.
• Do not take aspirin/ ibuprofen and AVOID alcohol.
• Use a cold compress on your skin for 15 minutes in every hour. ​Sleep with your head raised.
• No facials, sunbeds, saunas, swimming or exercise is recommended, which can alter the placement of the product and increase swelling and bruising.
• Sleeping with your head elevated will help with swelling.
• Swelling is most noticeable in the first two days after your treatment but if there is some swelling, an over the counter antihistamine like Benadryl might help. some patients will experience no swelling and some will have more dramatic swelling that will take longer to subside.
• Bruising might take longer to improve, depending on its severity. An internal bruise – also called a haematoma/blood blister is an enlargement of tissue due to the accumulation of blood cells and fluid. Blood fills the area, creating a bulge. Over the next 1-2 weeks, the body will reabsorb the blood cells and fluid from the region
• As you already know, H.A. will eventually dissolve its own. Why? This is thanks to hyaluronidase, a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that metabolises hyaluronic acid. This is part of the reason why injections fade at different rates in different people. It may be more active in some people than it is in others.
If the area remains sensitive after 48hours please continue the above advice until the treated area returns to normal. If concerned please contact the salon.

30 days after treatment

Avoid exposure to UV sunlight this includes sunbeds.

You should continue to use a high SPF on the skin when outside SPF 30 or 50 is recommended. Excessive exposure may result in skin colour changes (hypo/ hyper pigmentation).

Always contact the salon with any concerns or questions.