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The Ultimate Body Treatment


Cellulite reduction * Inch Loss * Body Reshaping * Bum lift* circumference reduction* Contouring 

A treatment designed to reduce circumference and body fat. Contour the body shape, reduction of cellulite, smoothing and toning of skin. Improve the appearance of stretchmarks and break down fatty deposits.

Step 1 -Lipofirm Pro Radio Frequency Treatment 

Lipofirm Pro provides amazing results for fat reduction, body contouring, cellulite improvement, muscle lifting, firming and toning, skin tightening and firming, wrinkle reduction, facial lifting, sculpting and contouring and more! It is a safe and pain free treatment suited to all skin types and doesn’t require any downtime. Lipofirm PRO uniquely combines two technologies, TRI lipo Radio frequency (RF) and TRI Lipo dynamic muscle activation (DMA) that works synergistically to tighten and aid unwanted fat on arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks.

Step 2 – Mesotherapy Nappage

A non-surgical treatment of multiple micro injections of vitamins, peptides and growth factors completely personalised, concentrating on problem area to give spot fat reduction, rejuvenation for stretch marks or skin tightening ampoule for a sleeker sillouette.