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THE ULTIMATE skin tightening



The Ultimate of all skin tightening treatments, Ultimate Skin Tightening – combining the award winning lipofirm pro radio frequency (RF) and microneedling for fractional remodelling. Microneedling can stimulate elastin and collagen production via the creation of very small puncture wounds in the superficial skin, and RF energy is able to activate collagen remodelling.

The treatment can smooth out wrinkles and lines, contributing to a refreshed appearance.

RF and microneedling is recognised as one of the most effective and safe cosmetic procedures for purposes such as skin tightening and scar reduction.

Results are amazing your skin has never looked or felt so radiant.

The treatment is great for all skin types and amazing for treating ageing, scarring, dull, tired looking skin.

Step 1 – Radio Frequency Facial Skin Tightening using Lipofirm Pro

During treatment RF is used to heat the skin to 40 degrees the RF energy is used to promote collagen production. You will get an immediate tightening of the collagen fibres, also gives a long-lasting lift and increased volume in the skin. Results are continued weeks after treatment

Step 2 – Microneedling

A procedure that creates collagen induction by stimulating the skin to regenerate and repair itself. This treatment has been clinically proven to reverse ageing, acne scarring and pigmentation.

Step 3 – Mesotherapy

​​An ampoule of vitamins, peptides and growth factors completely personalised to the client to give a brighter rejuvenated skin. ​

Step 4 -LED Facial Mask

LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin care treatment that has multiple benefits particularly stimulating collagen for anti-ageing or calming for treatment of acne.